Bachelor of Fine Arts, Deakin University  2013-Cont.
Master of Arts (Art Curatorship & Museum Studies), University of Sydney  2010-Cont.
Bachelor of Arts (History & Film Theory), University of New South Wales  2002-2005

Employment History
Gallery Coordinator, The Lost Ones Gallery, Ballarat  2016-2017
Owner & Event Manager, The Art of Events  2014-2015
Associate Artist & Production Manager, Blink Dance Theatre, Geelong  2014-2015
Intern to Artistic Director, M~M Festival, City of Greater Geelong  2014
Production Designer, Decor Team, Falls Festival, Lorne  2013-2014
Volunteer Facilitator, Experimenta, White Night Melbourne  2013
Gallery Assistant, Metropolis Gallery, Geelong 2012-2014
Gallery Coordinator, Gallery 577, Melbourne 2011-2012
Gallery Assistant, Aboriginal Art Galleries, Sydney 2009-2010
Creative Services Manager, NetX/Clemenger BBDO, Sydney  2007-2009
Creative Services Manager, STW Village, Singleton, Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney  2006
Creative Services Manager, aia Ltd, London UK 2005-2006

Exhibitions - Gallery Coordinator
"Taking the Myth" Tony Albert, Marlene Gilson, Sue Kneebone, Pitcha Makin Fellas, Rodney Pople, Joan Ross, Jacquie Stockdale  - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"A Thin Line", Cloth Inc: Melanie Hill, Glenys Mann, Deb Mcardle, Nonie Sutcliffe - the Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Lost Lumens" by Michelle Day - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Multitude" by Alex Sanson - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Whisper" Nick Dridan, Harley Manifold, Shaun Tan - The Lost Ones, Ballarat

"Change and Growth" by Peter Bowden and Petrus Spronk - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Inscapes" by Rosie Perl - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Nature Brute" by Roz Avent - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"This is Me: Examination of the Art of Self Image", Alee Afzali, james Bonnici, Natalie Bookchin, Jon Harris, Freya Jobbins, Aldona Kmiec, Ilona Nelson, Mirra Whale - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Pinned to the Wall: Objets and Obsession" by Susan O'Doherty - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Mallee Mysteries" by Norman Hofmaier - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Anakie Gorge: A Living Museum" by Rosalind Lawson - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Indefinitely" by Katrin Koenning - The Lost Ones, Ballarat
"Seed Art Lab" by Sophie Munns - The Lost Ones, Ballarat

"In the Breath of Ghosts" by Dr Lisa Anderson, Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Civic Hall

"Colours of Country", Hermannsburg Watercolour Artists and Hermannsburg Potters with Tjanpi Desert Weavers - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Landscapes" by Clive Sinclair - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Portraits of Artists" by Steve Salo - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong

"Recent Paintings" by Robyn Rankin - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Tjala Arts with Tjanpi Desert Weavers" - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Flowers" by Ludmilla Meilerts - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Classic and Rare Works" by Kenneth jack - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"IM]PRESS[IVE: Printmakers from the Geelong Region", Sue Ernst, Alex Game, Anita Iacovella, Debra Jackson, Rhondda Millen, J. Gaye Nieuwenhof, Robyn Sandford, Keren Zorn - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Life][Still Life" by Linda Robertson and Raja Norzlipah - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Printmakers from the Torres Strait Islands", Alick Tipoti, David Bosun, Glen Mackie - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Contemporary + Collectable Australian Printmakers" - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Recent Paintings of Geelong, the Surf Coast and Beyond" by Susan Sutton - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Raw Diamonds", Art Unlimited Studio - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong

"Tjala Arts, Tjungu Palya and Ernabella Arts" - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Recent Paintings" by John McQualter - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"Little Landscapes", Meredith Thomas, Leigh Chiller, Sisca Verwoert, Jenny Laidlaw, Debbie Mourtzios, Michael Gromm, Michele Burder - Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
"MNMLVMXML" by Rehgan De Mather - Gallery 577, Fitzroy
"Altared" by Lee Trewartha - Gallery 577, Fitzroy
"Cascade" by Cal Mero - Gallery 577, Fitzroy

"Figuration" by Tegan Hamilton - Gallery 577, Fitzroy
"The Southern Cross Greets the North Star" - Gallery 577, Fitzroy
"Elements" by Sally Gibbs - Gallery 577, Geelong